Sexy XXL Mamas

*Sexy XXL Mamas* Outfit Bandeau and Skirt

Posted on: 2011/03/26

During our pregnancy we want to be free, not trapped in tight clothes. We want to show what we are so proud about: Our baby belly! This freedom is provided in ideal way of our strapless bandeau bra with a mini skirt. Bra, panties and knickers in 5 layers, in addition the flexi PRIM-miniskirt.

You can also wear these clothes, if you are not yet or no longer pregnant and they can be connected together with our available separately PREGNANCY SHAPES and be worn until the birth of your child. Together they make you look as pretty as it can only be an expectant mom.

It comes in 4 colours: red, pink, blue, black

Get it here


1 Response to "*Sexy XXL Mamas* Outfit Bandeau and Skirt"

nice blog here. I wish I could blog like you.. well, take it easy. happy new year

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